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For the next few weeks I'm including a 1 hour coaching call with the course, so you have someone to look over your shoulder before closing your first deal.

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    The course also now includes new content that will help you find people with notes for sale. Learn to search the county records to see who other investors are trading with.

Systematic Due Diligence

There is a problem in the note investing industry today. 

Investors don’t take advantage of the opportunities in notes because they are not confident that they can potentional identify issues before buying. 

To get training and learn how to do it can cost in excess of $10,000, and sometimes 10’s of thousands of dollars. 

There is an abundance of free information available in various videos and podcasts. But it can be extremely time consuming to gather all that information and put it into a system that you can execute on. 

This often leads to becoming bogged down and still being unsure of whether all the issues have been identified.

Systematic Due Diligence is a course that teaches you exactly what you need to do for due diligence on a first position residential note, quickly and accurately. 

It includes over 6.5 hours of video and gives you checklists and automation tools you can download. 

The simple checklists are easy to follow, backed up with detailed instructions so you can understand the “why” behind the entire process. 

Plus it comes at a price point that will pay for itself on your first deal. 

If you are already closing note deals, it will speed up your process and easily save you over 8 hours of time when doing through a single tape.

Your enrollment in the course also gets you membership in a private Facebook group, where I post regular updates and commentary on recent tapes that have been released.

The Facebook group also provides a fast way to ask the instructor questions at any time.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn to filter a tape of mortgage notes and identify the ones that fit your specific note investing strategy 
  • A thourough post-bid due diligence process so you can understand the asset value and make sure the title is clear prior to closing
  • Checklists and automation tools that save hours of time
  • Membership in the private Facebook group
  • Get in the note investing game and be able to confidently close on note deals

What won't I get?

  • You aren't going to get an overpriced course that doesn't deliver
  • You aren't going to get upsold to some overpriced mastermind group that probably isn't even a real mastermind
  • You aren't getting a course from a self professed 'guru' who doesn't do their own note deals

Why This Course Was Created

When I started selling notes to individual investors I found there was one thing that prevented them from closing on a deal. They did not know how to perform due diligence, so they would back out of deals to make sure they didn't make an expensive mistake (which is perfectly reasonable). Some of them had even taken extremely expensive note training, but the training lacked the detail to give them to confidence to proceed. 

I'm also very passionate about the note investing industry, and feel that its a wonderful niche that can provide wealth and retirement savings, that is enjoyed by far too few investors. 

Bottom line, there is a lack of quality information on how to invest in notes, and the quality training that is out there is grossly overpriced.

I created this course to help new and experienced note investors get in the game and start taking advantage of some of the great opportunities that are out there in the world of notes. But at a price point where they get value from it even if they only buy a single note.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you decide the course isn't for you, we'll issue a refund with no questions asked. This is one of the few times in real estate investing where there is zero risk!

Enroll in Course - $495

Your Instructor

Dan Deppen

Dan Deppen is the Managing Member of Fusion Notes and has been actively involved in real estate since 2001. He has a wide range of other investment experience going back to 1995 including stock and option trading and small businesses. In 2011 he completed his MBA from the University of Colorado and was a Product Manager for Oracle for several years. His extensive project management, analytical and budget/financial governance experience uniquely qualifies him to manage large pools of notes to produce the most optimal profit outcomes for the company and its investor partners. He has been a full time note investor since August 2018.

What Students Are Saying

Eugene F.

"I found the Systematic Due Diligence course to be a great resource to help me improve my knowledge as a note investor. The course provides in-depth information with excel templates, resources, automation tools, tips and strategies that were explained very well and are a time saver."

Marc M.

"I have been through a fair share of "training" on notes. A LOT of them go through the very basics and send you on your way half prepared and very dangerous. Dan's course, on the other hand fit enough info in that I felt prepared to do the due diligence part of the note business. Thanks again!"

Ryan S.

"Dan Deppen's Due Diligence course is very valuable and provided tips & tricks that we were able to leverage to streamline our due diligence process - ultimately driving quicker turnaround for our bids. It also served as a great resource to 'compare notes' on our current process and provide more coverage on areas we weren't accounting for. Dan's methodical approach, coupled with his thorough coverage and explanation of every step is something all note buyers could benefit from.""

Bob K.

“Systematic Due Diligence is a detailed, comprehensive course for evaluating non-performing 1st liens that’s built on experience. I got that feeling immediately at the very beginning of the course and throughout the review of the material. Dan’s experience as an engineer is a key contribution as well, seemingly crossing all T’s and dotting all I’s then double checking to come up with the final due diligence results.”

What a Free Checklist with the 9 Essential Due Diligence Steps?